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Ovipositor FAQ

Ovipositor FAQ


As makers we get asked many questions. Frequently those questions revolve around ovipositors and how to use them. Here you will find some answers to the commonly asked questions as well as some helpful tips to get you started in your journey into oviposition. 

What is an ovipositor?

An ovipositor is an adult toy used to deposit eggs into the vaginal canal. Eggs are inserted into the shaft of the ovipositor using a lot of lube and the shaft of the ovipositor is then used to deposit these eggs.

Can this be used anally?

NO! Always remember, if the base doesn't flare it doesn't go there. Your anus is not a close ended system, it's connected to your bowels and if you insert an item that does not have a method of retrieval (think of a string of anal beads) or a flared base these items could move further into the body and require medical intervention to remove. You can however use an ovipositor anally if you use eggs that dissolve on their own such as eggs made of gelatin. We currently do not offer molds for gelatin eggs, but we do sell our ovipositors without eggs.

So how do these things work then?

Good question! The eggs are loaded into the base of the toy while using plenty of lube, and once they are loaded into the shaft, the toy is inserted (vaginally!) and the eggs are "deposited" inside by squeezing the toys shaft below the last egg like a tube of frosting, and the eggs come out the top and into you.

I have the eggs inside me, now what?

Now it's time to remove them! Using your pelvic muscles you push down to push the eggs out. 

HELP! I can't get them out!

RELAX! Take a few breaths and calm down. The vaginal canal is closed off, the eggs aren't going to move anywhere so there is no need to panic. Once you are relaxed, take a deep squat and bear down and you should have no problem getting them to come out easily.

I'm nervous, I'm interested in oviposition but I have never used eggs before. Is there a way to practice?

Yes! You can purchase non-latex female condoms. These condoms are much looser than made condoms and are inserted into the vagina. Once you have inserted your female condom you can then insert your eggs (with plenty of lube). Using the condom allows you to practice using the eggs but also provides you with a way to retrieve them. Use your pelvic muscles to push the eggs out, and no worry if you are having trouble, just remove the condom with the eggs inside (slowly). Keep practicing like this until you feel comfortable using the eggs and you'll be a pro in no time! 



While these tips and tricks may work for most people keep in mind that everyone is different and what might work for some people may not work for you. We always encourage people to go slow, listen to their body, and only participate in healthy sexual activity that they are comfortable with. While these items may look like a lot of fun they may not be for everyone. Always use the items in the manner in which they were designed to be used. We do not accept liability for issues that may arise from misuse of toys. If you have any questions about use we are always happy to help!

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